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General Description

  The Finance and Taxation Bureau,Yilan County is a subsidiary organ of the Yilan County Government. We engage 183 civil servants in charge of collecting local taxes, including Land Value Tax, Land Value Increment Tax, Agricultural Land Tax(suspending the levying from 1987), House Tax, Deed Tax, Vehicle License Tax, Stamp Tax, and Amusement Tax, 8 taxes in all. We perform tax collection tasks under direction and supervision from the Yilan County Government, as well as Taxation Department of the Ministry of Finance.

  We have a branch in LuoDong township, while the head office is in Yilan City. There are 9 sections in the head office and 4 sub-sections in the Luodong branch. The respective service area are as below:

Head/Branch Service Area
Head Office Yilan City, Jhuangwei Township, Yuanshan Township, Jiaosi Township, Toucheng Township.
Luodong Branch Luodong Township, Wujie Township, Dongshan Township, Sansing Township, Su-ao Township, Datong Township, Nan-ao Township.

service area: Toucheng Township, Jiaosi Township, Yuanshan Township, Yilan City, Jhuangwei Township, Wujie Township, Luodong Township, Sansing Township, Su-ao Township, Dongshan Township, Datong Township, Nan-ao Township


Address:No.165,Sec.2,Zhongshan Rd.,Yilan City,Yilan County 26046,Taiwan(R.O.C)